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Pyro musical displays

Monaco – International Musical Firework Champions of Champions 2014

Malta – International Firework Festival Champions 2014

Monaco – International Musical Firework Champions 2012

British Musical Firework Champions 2011

Exhibitors – UK Festival of Fireworks – 2011

British Musical Firework Champions 2010

Our highly innovative Pyro Musical displays have wowed clients and judges across Europe. Fireworks choreographed and fired with split second timing to music is unquestionably an unbeatable combination that produces the ultimate display.

We quite simply enjoy enormously the process of planning, creating and demonstrating our displays. Through choreographing our fireworks to the music in such a way that the fireworks completely compliment the sentiment of the songs, allowing the audience to experience much more than just a firework display.

5 minutes £1500+ £2000+ £3000+
10 minutes £2500+ £3000+ £4000+
15 minutes £3500+ £4000+ £5000+
15 minutes +

or call us on 01332 381811

or call us on 01332 381811

or call us on 01332 381811

Standard – This package uses mainly multishot firework barrages which are fired on certain larger beats of the music with a combination of single shot fireworks that are fired on crescendo notes.

Enhanced – This package uses a mixture of multishot firework barrages and single shot fireworks creating a beautiful harmonization with the high and lows of the music.

Superior – This package uses mostly single shot firework effects such as comets, mines and fan slices allowing us to single out and fire on individual notes. Mixed together with high altitude aerial shells, creating the most dynamic spectacular, with individual fireworks breaking in unison to the beat of the music.

Prices shown above include our personal in-house sound system. For larger events of over 500 spectators it may be advised that a specialist outdoor system is used. We have worked with many some of the very best sound companies around so please do not hesitate to ask us for their details.

For a perfect wedding fireworks pyro musical display, the music choice alone is the very heart and soul of the display. The music has the role of providing anticipation and excitement and to finish with a finale your guests will remember

forever. If you like, we can help and advise you on the choice of music enabling us to provide greatest performance and gain maximum impact from the fireworks, by creating movement, vibrant colours, effects and noise. Each are timed to the rise and fall of the tempo with more energetic releases to match, and softer releases to allow you to appreciate the beauty of the music.