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Fireworks For Weddings Display Packages

Fireworks For Weddings. Make your special day an amazing day with our superbly priced, yet truly spectacular wedding fireworks. See skies full of colour and smiles of joy as we captivate you and your guests with a dazzling display of fireworks within the night sky.

With a reputation for creating cutting edge award winning wedding fireworks displays, coupled together with competitively priced packages, by booking with us you can be assured of unrivalled quality at an honest price.

Wedding Fireworks - Package 1: Animation

This Simply Stunning wedding fireworks display is an exclusive design with the perfect balance of colours, effects and sparkle. A constant flood of fireworks including; candles, barrages, fan barrages and a beautiful shell finale. A great display if your looking for fireworks for a wedding. *Travel costs may be charged with this package
6 minutes
4 minutes

Wedding Fireworks - Package 2: Celebration

This Fabulous Wedding Fireworks display is an elegant concoction of stunning effects, colour with a good mix of shimmer and glitter. With two firing front positions the torrent of fireworks fired into the night sky flood the air with an array of effects with a crescendo of shells for the finale. Perfect for Wedding Reception Fireworks. *Travel costs may be charged with this package
8 minutes
6 minutes

Wedding Fireworks - Package 3: Jubilation

This Dazzling Wedding Fireworks Display is a mouth-watering mix of effects showering the sky. With three firing stations creating cross over effects that dance in precession leading up to a spectacular pre finale and dazzling aerial shell finale. So if your looking for fireworks for your wedding, this gorgeous package will do you proud.
9 minutes
7 minutes

Wedding Fireworks - Package 4: Elation

This Absolutely Amazing wedding fireworks display is a sophisticated combination of bright revolving colours and effects with a good dose of whistles, crackles and shimmer. Having three firing station enables us to create the most dynamic display with a pre finale culminating with a bombardment of aerial shells for the finest finale. Wedding fireworks display cost have never been so affordable
10 minutes
8 minutes

Wedding Fireworks - Package 5: Exhilaration

This Breathtakingly Beautiful wedding fireworks display with its inspiring mix of explosive entertainment is made up of floods of colour, saturated with glitter and shimmer. This jaw-dropping display with four firing stations is concluded with an assault of mines, barrages and a conclusion of the most stunning aerial shells creating the optimum finale
12 minutes
10 minutes

Wedding Fireworks to Music - Pyromusical Display 1

Fireworks TO Music has to be the ultimate in displays. Our display designer will take your chosen track and choreograph the fireworks to music with split second timing. Here is an example of an Enhanced 5min / 1 Track display
4 Minutes

Wedding Pyromusical Fireworks - Display 2

Pyromusical Fireworks are a speciality of ours. Having won the British Musical Firework Champions in 2010 and 2011, we then went on to win The International Musical Firework Champions in 2012. We fire for th UK in Malta this year and return to Monaoc to defend our International Title. Have your display fired by International Champions. Here is an example of a Superior 5min / 1 Track display
5 minutes